Goodwill hunting

Tomorrow is the first day of autumn.  And I couldn’t be happier.  While fall is my favorite time of year, I think what I truly love are the new wardrobe possibilities it presents.  Bundling up, layering, boots, a whole new color palette.  I’m getting giddy just thinking about it. What?

I think what’s so enticing about a new season is the opportunity to try new looks.  And with each changing season designers tend to dip in to past decades, adopting retro color palettes and silhouettes.

My favorite way to combine this “fashion nostalgia” with being poor: GOODWILL!


I believe that ballin’ on a budget, as I do, breeds creativity.  Money doesn’t necessarily equal style.  The lack of cash flow, in fact, leads to decisiveness, forcing you to pick and choose pieces you truly love–in turn developing your personal style.

In all seriousness, Goodwill’s the perfect place to exercise your creativity.  There’s no ambiance, no mannequins on display to hint at how pieces should be worn.  It’s just you and the clothes.  Those musty clothes.  It’s a thrill, really.  Outdated skirts become tops and dresses, men’s pants become cut-off shorts, the trends you thought we’d all left for dead decades ago are thriving on the racks of Goodwill, just waiting for you to give them new life.

Fall colors were ever-present tonight at Goodwill.  Along with far too many second hand Halloween decorations (and bras?)

I managed to track down a long, magenta dress-skirt, which will become a mini dress in the near future, and a J. Crew high waisted denim skirt.  I can’t wait to share my fabulous finds once I’ve added a few touches!

What I wore: Old Navy leopard sweater dress, H&M black high waisted denim, Zara heels


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