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When your main mode of transportation has only 2 wheels you have to get creative.

 But I certainly do not let it stop me… Nothing will keep me out of my heels.

I’ve been riding a scooter for about a year now, and while it’s far better than riding Tallahassee’s Star Metro, it has definitely altered my morning routine.

I’ll never forget that first day I rode; I’d spent about 40 minutes perfecting my “tousled, just rolled out of bed, but my hair looks perfect” do.  That lasted about 30 seconds on the scooter and then I was rocking the windblown look.

With the wind whipping through your hair, no amount of hairspray or heat-styling stands a chance.  I’ve learned to embrace my natural hair, as well as get creative with some new “scooterproof” hairstyles.

Surprisingly enough, my bun is one of them!  My other recent favorite is a braided up do. (Seen here and here.)


It doubles as windproof  and a weapon against a greasy/bad hair day.  I really love it with my hombre color and it adds a special touch to any outfit.  I get compliments on it all the time and I think it’s because it’s a much more dynamic way to get your hair out of your face (as opposed to a pony tail).

And hey, guess what? I’m gonna show you how it’s done:

Please pardon my awkwardly silent video (you know you turn the volume down on tutorial videos anyway).  But seriously, part your hair down the middle, brush that beautiful mess of hair and get started.  I use two fishtail braids to give the look some dimension, but regular braids work too (especially when in a hurry).  Even twisting your hair in place of braiding looks adorable.

Once you’ve got your two braids, begin to tug and loosen them up.  Pull them across your head, flip the braids whichever way you prefer and bobby pin them in place, tucking in the ends of the braids. I typically only use about 4 bobby pins total (and it withstands a 20 minute long scooter ride to work).  Good luck!

And there you have it, pretty simple with major payoff! Try it for yourself, won’t you?

Do you have any special restrictions/conditions in your morning routine like I do?  I once had a job where nail polish wasn’t allowed..GASP.  Tell me, what sort of changes have you had to make to your beauty routine?


One thought on “Scooterproof

  1. I wish I was skilled enough to be able to do a bun like this. Seriously, I can’t even do a braid. But this looks really great!! What a perfect work/school look (or a chic morning after a crazy party look, haha).

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