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4 ways to wear boyfriend jeans

With so many friends asking about my boyfriend jeans lately, I felt compelled to write about them—and convert you.

Skinny jeans have become the denim go-to and it’s often difficult to find anything else in most denim departments.  For years they’ve been the fall uniform, paired with riding boots—and while it’s a classic look, it’s a combo I’ve grown a bit bored with.

I’m a believer in these loose fitting beauts.  They add a casual, interesting touch to any ensemble; and they work so well with so many pieces you already have in your closet.  I’ve gathered a collection of some of my favorite pairs for your viewing pleasure: asos.com (1 & 2), H&M, Nasty Gal & Gap (1 & 2)

Here are four, of MANY, ways to style boyfriend jeans:

#1 Partner with Peplum

The loose, casual fit of boyfriend jeans can feel a bit masculine, but partnered with a waist-highlighting peplum, balance is restored! Boyfriend jeans are all about contrast: rugged and feminine, loose and fitted.BoyfriendJeans_Peplum2BoyfriendJeans_Peplum

#2 Try a Slouchy Sweater 

Cable knit or other textured, cozy sweaters sort of break my first rule of contrast. (Oops. I’m a hypocrite.)  A loose fit on top & bottom can make for a very beautiful casual ensemble.  Just be sure not to opt for too loose a top to avoid looking sloppy. Try to add some glamour to this ultra laid back look with statement lipstick, hair or accessories.BoyfriendJeans_SlouchySweater2BoyfriendJeans_SlouchySweaterjpg

#3 Dress ‘em Up by Buttoning Down 

Baggy distressed denim plays on the classic look of a button-down collared shirt.  Play with textures like silk or a delicate, sheer fabric.  Cuffed boyfriend jeans look incredible with classic pointed toe pumps (which are very IN this fall) and hints of gold refine the whole look.BoyfriendJeans_ButtonDownBoyfriendJeans_ButtonDown2

#4 Work with Different Washes

Light, dark or even dip dyed.  I’m a sucker for hombre (have you seen my hair?) and while the gradient in these jeans is a bit more abrupt, it still gets the job done.  Since boyfriend jeans can feel like a dramatic departure from ‘ole faithful skinnies, be sure incorporate familiar aesthetics like stripes and scarves. I partnered this pair with wedge ankle boots  (since stuffing baggy jeans in to knee high boots isn’t really an option).BoyfriendJeans_DipDyeBoyfriendJeans_DipDye2So, have I successfully made a believer out of you?  Will you take the plunge and part with your skinny jeans (at least temporarily)?


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