3 hats to top off an outfit

We’re pretty comfortable accessorizing with everything out there–sunglasses, nail polish, socks, scarves.  Once you’ve exhausted every other category of accessory, there’s nowhere to go but up, which is why I’m really excited to venture in to the world of headgear.

A hat can really transform and elevate an outfit, especially a simple one, just like a statement necklace or an amazing pair of heels.  It’s the finishing touch.

Topping off an outfit with a hat also gives it that look of intention.  While we all admire—envy—someone who can pull of that effortless, thrown together look, it is truly impressive to appear as though you’ve dressed with some thought and strategy.

Hats typically aren’t our first accessory choice and can seem pretty  intimidating at first, but you should totally consider working one in to your wardrobe!  They frame your face, mask a bad hair day and, HELLO, protect that gorgeous skin of yours from the sun.  Here are 3 of my current favorites, as photographed by my dear friend Manny with ESM Photography.  Notice how they amp up a basic white shirt and jeans?

#1 A Wide Brim Felt Hat

DSC_4925DSC_4854DSC_4862I really love the boho, 1970’s vibe of this H&M felt brimmed hat, yet it adds some structure to an otherwise casual look.  Others I like: Zara 1, Zara 2, Zara 3 and Target.

#2 A Classic Baseball Cap

DSC_4873I’ve been so inspired by men’s wear lately, so naturally I’m digging the baseball cap aesthetic.  This herringbone Zara hat is a nice twist on a classic. I love that it brings a bit of androgyny to an otherwise feminine wardrobe.  Others I like: Zara 1, Zara 2, Target and Etsy.

#3 A 1920’s Inspired Cloche

DSC_4912DSC_4915DSC_4902This Old Navy cloche hat is so reminiscent of the 1920’s.  I love the iconic shape and the way it kind of hugs my head.  Perfect for a cold day, or paying homage to flapper girls. Others I like: ZaraTarget, Wal-Mart and Old Navy.

What I wore: H&M tee & jeans, thrifted sunglasses & earrings, Simply Vera boots.


9 thoughts on “3 hats to top off an outfit

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