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Mixing Patterns: Stripes + Floral

While fall/winter color palettes and shapes are by far some of my most favorite, I love the soft pastels and floral patterns that spring ushers in.  I’m excited to lighten things up, introduce some softer colors to my wardrobe and mix patterns.

I mixed stripes and floral in this ensemble on a trip to visit Cigar City Brewing in Tampa.  A floral bomber jacket is an easy–throw it on as you’re walking out the door–piece for spring.  I love the nostalgic feeling of these pinstripe denim jeans.  (Who else had a pair of Osh Kosh “conductor” overalls reminiscent of these jeans growing up?)

_MG_6272 _MG_6301When mixing prints, you want to avoid looking like you got dressed in the dark.  The key is to make sure the patterned pieces share a dominant color or are in the same color family. In this case the blues in the floral are anchored by the blue in the pinstripes.

Another tip for those new to mixing patterns: try to let one piece hog the spotlight.  Highlight one pattern while the other elements of the ensemble act as supporting pieces.  In this case, the denim is the neutral of the two patterns, while the floral pattern steals more focus.  Neutral heels, a solid seafoam purse and consistent gold accessories help bolster the main pattern patterned piece.


_MG_6288What are your favorite pattern combinations?  Are there patterns you’ve been dying to wear together? Check out my Pinterest board for more floral + stripe inspiration and stay tuned for my next ‘Mixing Patterns’ installment!


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