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The Shine Street Mural

I’m thrilled to introduce a new series to The Girl with the Bun in which I’ll be sharing my favorite off-the-beaten-path, hidden right under your nose, secret spots.  Because some things are just too good to keep to myself.


First up, the Shine Street mural.  Tucked amid my favorite district in Orlando, which I so lovingly call Little Vietnam, this mural resides in an area teeming with Asian markets and authentic restaurants where Vietnamese characters often outnumber English letters.  Hidden around the corner of Shine Street and East Colonial Drive, this whimsical mural has been the backdrop for plenty of photo shoots and photography projects in my late adolescence.  The colored pencil rainbow and mother swan never fail to bring a smile to my face and conjure up memories of my teenage adventures in The City Beautiful.  It’s safe to say it’s my happy place.

20796120_111513 20796120_111421 20796120_11143920796120_111367

I can’t wait to share more of my favorite places with you!  Keep up to date on all my favorite hidden gems with my Google Map.  I’d love to visit some of your favorite places, so tweet them to me at @GirlWithTheBun or leave me a Facebook comment about your favorite spot!


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