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Tips for transitioning your wardrobe from winter to spring


Spring has sprung!  But I’m not about to forsake all of my winter pieces for an entire new wardrobe. I’m still adjusting to these new temperatures–like a bear resistant to come out of my scarf-laden, sweater-heavy hibernation.  In all seriousness, I believe spring is about embracing this awkward transition out of winter.  But how do we navigate this season shift?

1. Re-use and recycle!  Get creative with your clothing.  Take this long polka-dot skirt, for example, it suddenly becomes a flowy, knee-length dress when I hike it up.  Assign new functionality to your favorite pieces and every time you wear them they’ll feel brand new.

2. Mix-and-match. Spring’s cool mornings and warm afternoons allow you to put a generous portion of your wardrobe to work. My sweet little sweater doesn’t have to be banished to the back of my closet just because it’s April. Pair winter and spring items in each ensemble and you’ll realize your closet’s full of endless combinations!

3. Start spring cleaning–your closet. After recycling and mixing pieces, assess what items you truly like and wear.  Be sure to clear out anything you didn’t touch all season-long.  You’ll have plenty of space for new goodies you’ve been eyeing.  That’s my kind of spring cleaning!

What I wore: thrifted pink polka-dot skirt/dress, Ann Taylor LOFT sweater; Prabal Gurung for Target lace-up pumps; thrifted sunglasses and thrifted belt


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