2013 / Hidden Gems / Travel

Hot Dog Heaven


Often, my favorite dining experiences take place in simple restaurants that do one thing and do it really well.  The kitschy-er the better.  And it doesn’t get better than a giant wiener on a fork.

Any time, any day, you’ll find a hoard of locals in line to order at Hot Dog Heaven.  On my first visit I couldn’t comprehend why everyone was clamoring for a hot dog, but my eyes were quickly opened to the draw of this quaint roadside stand.  The menu features 20+ hot dog variations, but my personal favorite is the authentic Chicago dog with a side of thick-cut fries.  Once your order’s up, take your meal outside, it’s all part of the experience to eat facing the main road.  The seagulls anxiously wait for you to toss your left over french fries at them while you catch up with old friends under the shaded porch. I always treasure the conversations and memories made over meals at this tiny restaurant underneath a giant frank on a fork.





Camp sites, murals, restaurants, oh my!  I really do love overlooked, off-the-beaten-path hidden gems.  Keep up with my Google Map for all of MY favorite places, and be sure to share YOUR favorite go-to spots with me!  Share photos, leave a suggestion or Tweet me!


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