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Mixing Patterns: Leopard + Jacquard

Everyone has some leopard print hanging in their closet.  It’s become so widespread it’s practically a neutral print, just as denim has become a blank canvas (a foundation, even) for so many casual outfits.  For those of you still weary of mixing patterns, try constructing an outfit with leopard as your base.

As always, be sure to operate within a color family when mixing patterns.  In this case my solid peach blazer and iridescent orange trousers act like bookends to the leopard.  As I mentioned in my last pattern-mixing post I’m always sure to let one print to steal the show.  Here, the leopard dominates while the subtle, shiny jacquard plays a supporting role.

_MG_7561_MG_7582Ornate jacquard pieces can look cheesy and costume-y if you take them too seriously.  I always like to pair a jacquard item with other patterns to keep its ego from inflating and bring it down-to-earth.

PS: Cropped pants are so hot right now and extremely versatile.  Play up the hem line of a pair cropped trousers with ankle strap heels.  All that exposed ankle skin is just asking to be accessorized. (And since ankle tats aren’t on-trend this spring…)

_MG_7549_MG_7579-2Follow your instincts when it comes to what looks good on YOU as you dabble in mixing patterns.  Trust your gut when something feels far too drastic, but be sure to take an exciting step outside your comfort zone.  In the end, it is your mentality and confidence that will help you pull off something you’ve never tried before.  Style really is mind over matter; truly believing you look great is 80% of “pulling it off.”


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