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How to dress in monochrome

Sometimes everything in your closet feels so been there done that.  Overworn, overused, frustrating. The next time you find yourself in such a rut, as I did recently, give my solution a try. Assemble an outfit consisting entirely of one color. Tired items are given new life in a monochromatic look.  Separates you bought individually look polished when paired together. Just as mixing patterns makes a statement, an outfit that is completely unified in color packs plenty of pizazz.

Without realizing it, you most likely gravitate towards a color family when you shop, so capitalize on those habits. Chances are you’ve got enough in your closet to pull off a monochrome look this weekend! And if you scour your wardrobe with no luck, don’t forget your most basic pieces like denim–hello, it’s blue–to test the waters of the monochrome trend without plunging in.

1 How to Dress in Monochrome -- The Girl with the Bun4 How to Dress in Monochrome -- The Girl with the BunDon’t forget that accessories take the outfit to the next level.  My blue look wouldn’t reflect the same intention or make the same statement if I didn’t include the blue acrylic link necklace or left out the blue bag.  Less is usually more, but in this instance, in the immortal words of Britney, gimme gimme more, gimme more.  The more items in your ensemble that are in the color family, the stronger the statement.

Keep in mind, too, that dressing in monochrome doesn’t mean you have to opt for something bold and bright. Even neutrals like white, grey and tan can make the same dramatic statement when worn together. Spring tip:  To get more use of some of your fall and winter items, wear them with a twist, literally.  Leave the bottom button(s) undone and tie off the shirt so it grazes your high waisted skirts and shorts.  Roll up your sleeves and maybe even let a little skin show.  It’s spring!7 How to Dress in Monochrome -- The Girl with the Bun8 How to Dress in Monochrome -- The Girl with the BunI challenge you to give monochrome a try! What color would you wear head to toe? Any color you’d absolutely avoid?

What I wore: Thrifted IZOD striped button up, Old Navy maxi (similar here), vintage Dooney & Bourke bag, thrifted acrylic blue chain necklace, H&M sunglasses


10 thoughts on “How to dress in monochrome

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  4. This is pretty eyeopening, I try to purposely avoid “monochrome” as I don’t like it when things are too ..matchy-matchy but reading your post might be good to give it a try to change it up !


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