What I wore to: Graduate


I’m not sure where the last 4 years have gone.  They seem to have flown by, considering I vividly remember every detail of freshman move in day. On the other hand, my college experience feels pretty lengthy as I reflect on my metamorphosis into the woman I am now—more confident, refined and discerning. Aside from this time warp I’m currently experiencing, I think what baffles me the most about this momentous occasion is how ordinary it all felt.  And I’ve realized I have my family to thank. Hear me out…

This day didn’t feel particularly extraordinary because my family’s enthusiasm and praise on graduation day was identical to the unwavering support and encouragement they’ve given me my entire life. Nothing felt too different because I’ve been fortunate enough to have a family of  ”cheerleaders,” shaking their pompoms on the sidelines for my every win and loss. I’ve become so accustomed to unconditional support from my family in the form of troubleshooting my stalled scooter over the phone, acting as sounding boards as I contemplated my major and driving 4 hours to watch 3-minute dance performances along my journey to graduation, that May 4, 2013 felt pretty run-of-the-mill—in the best way.

I chose to keep things extremely simple on the big day with a white dress, red lips and black pumps.  Many thanks to Aren Bane for taking such excellent photos on this big day (and for the past 4 years).



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