Dad doesn’t want another tie, but you just might.

My dad’s never been much of a tie guy, so I’ve never understood the accessory’s notoriety as the go-to Father’s Day gift. Growing up with a dolphin trainer dad, ties were reserved for only the most special occasions (like my dance recitals and graduation).

Over the years, my father’s imparted plenty of fashion life lessons upon me without even realizing it; his economical spending taught me to appreciate thrift shopping (before it was cool) and his quirky disregard for fashion rules taught me not to take fashion too seriously. And while I’ve never bought my dad a tie, it’s the iconic link between dads and ties that inspired me to dedicate this ensemble to Paul Komanski this Father’s Day.

_MG_8719_MG_8717 _MG_8784 _MG_8736_MG_8730Try adding a touch of menswear to your wardrobe with a tie, keeping it playful. My take on the classic piece involves a vintage Whiting and Davis necklace. Check out these other spring tie interpretations I LOVE: here to spice up your workwear, here with a floral blazer and here for a night out!


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