2013 / Tutorials

Host a 4th of July beer tasting

There’s no better way to spend the fast approaching summer holiday than with friends and family, and I find that nothing brings people together like food and drinks–it’s science. I’ve included a step by step checklist to reference for your own 4th of July beer tasting!_MG_8665Step 1: Get yourself some glassware. These adorable beer flights are available in Target’s Dollar Spot!  A full set for each guest will only set you back $7.  If you can’t spring it, regular glasses will get the job done.

Step 2: Invite your beer-loving friends.  Ask each person to bring a six-pack or 750 mL bottle of beer of their choice (depending on how many people you invite). These adorable printable invites via The Glitter Guide would make fun invitations. While my tasting featured stouts and porters, your options are limitless. Ask everyone to bring their favorite IPA or fruit beer, maybe a beer from their home state.

Step 3: Get to drankin!  Be sure to sample the flight in order from the lightest beers to the darkest and heaviest. Provide attendees with notepads or tasting sheets to jot down their thoughts on each beer.  Encourage discussion!  That’s why you brought everyone together, isn’t it? Compare aromas and flavors, perhaps vote for the favorite beer of the evening!

Step 4: Grub time.  Make sure there are munchies for your guests to offset the ABV.  Round up a variety of light bites to nibble on as you sip–think cheeses, pretzels and chocolates.  Traditional 4th of July fare suits a beer tasting just as well.  Nothing complements a burger like a cold beer.

Step 5: Keep the party going!  Just because the tasting is through doesn’t mean the party’s over.  Mix leftover beer with lemonade for a refreshing shandy or set up a beer bar for guests to mix their favorite brew of the night with cider to create a Snakebite (cider and lager) or a Black Velvet (cider and stout)._MG_8687_MG_8708


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