Woman vs. wild

As you may have noticed, I have a strange love for baggy pants and boyfriend jeans. Currently, I’m swooning for these Jack Hanna-esque cargo pants. I love making style statements by reinterpreting traditionally utilitarian clothing. Here, I pair my safari tour guide pants with a peach top, lilac nails and heels to add an extra touch of femininity — and to avoid bearing actual resemblance to Bear Grylls.

I purchased these H&M pants in a larger size for added bagginess. Remember, just because something is meant to fit a particular way doesn’t mean you’re obligated to wear it that way. I chose to exaggerate the already loose fit of these pants and magnify the obvious nod to the nature-show-host aesthetic.  Consider going up or down a size or crossing over in to the men’s department to make a transformative statement!

_MG_9064_MG_9128_MG_9107Apparently, the flowers got my lavender memo._MG_9154

What typically utilitarian, practical pieces do you find yourself drawn to?  Combat boots, baseball caps, anoraks, cargo pants?


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