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3.1 Phillip Lim for Target, a reflection (plus 5 tips for shopping Peter Pilotto this February)

Forgetting to set an alarm, I began Sunday morning 30 minutes behind schedule. I came to terms with the fact that I wouldn’t get first pickings, but I didn’t expect, with all the hype leading up to this launch, that my first stop would have the most microscopic selection I’d ever seen. I’m talking two pathetic little racks. YOGA PANTS had more real estate in the women’s department than Phillip Lim…

So I was off to the next Target. As I walked in I instantly recognized the couple just paces ahead of me. They’d been checking out as I left the last store–their cart overflowing with Phillip Lim bags (explaining the bleak display at the previous store). And here they were, about to pillage and plunder this location. Having only viewed the collection through my computer screen, I was anxious to examine the garment details, fabrics and colors, but instead I was forced to shop like a savage in order to fend off this greedy couple.

They tore the entire stock of sweaters, bags and pants from the racks–almost right out from under me. I knew what they intended to do with their two carts full of merchandise, but hearing them banter back and forth about how much they’d make reselling each item made it harder to bear. “I bet people will pay an arm and a leg for these bags.” “Babe, grab all of those skirts.” As someone easily irritated by those who don’t follow rules, or the rules of decency, my blood was boiling at the sight of these two.

Rude shoppers aside, I was impressed by the quality of the few items I managed to bring to the fitting room. A beautiful basic tank and a gorgeous structured black bag made the trip home with me!

photo photo 4 copyphoto 5 copy photo 3 copy

My shopping ordeal got me thinking about how these launches have become more and more like Black Friday. Each collection becomes more short-lived than the last, selling out in mere hours. And on the heels of Sunday’s launch–no more than 24 hours after the line became available–Target announced yesterday (via Instagtam video) that its new collaboration with Peter Pilotto will launch February 9.

Having shopped the past five collections, I’ve created my own set of rules and guidelines to ensure my experience is a fabulous one. Before you step foot in a Target this coming February, be sure you’re prepared:

1. Don’t get your heart set on anything in the look book. Chances are the piece you’re coveting won’t be in stock at your Target location or won’t look as stunning as it did online, etc. It’s nice to preview the collection to gauge what awaits, but the moment you declare what you can’t live without, you’re destined for heartbreak. Keep an open mind and have your 2nd and 3rd (even 5th or 6th) choice in mind.

2. Go in with a solid understanding of your wardrobe. Assess your closet inventory before you buy a thing. Be sure to ask yourself: Is my closet already overflowing with cropped trousers? Could I wear this with items I already own? Determine what you need and what you don’t–you’ll be less susceptible to impulse purchases.

3. Set an alarm. Then set a back up alarm. Equip yourself with coffee and a friend (for moral support). Oh, and be extremely polite to the fitting room staff, they are the keepers of the pieces that haven’t been returned to the sales floor yet. Not to mention their morning has been a circus! A little courtesy goes a long way.

4. Don’t let the label cloud your judgement. Don’t be deceived by the designer tag or the relatively affordable prices. Treat each item as if it were merely Target brand and ask yourself: Do I still love it enough to drop $50 on it? Would I take it home if Phillip Lim’s name weren’t stitched on the tag?

5. On the same note, if a piece speaks to you, even slightly, grab it. If you hesitate, someone WILL snatch the garment out from under you. And you certainly do not want to pay 3 times what it was worth to an ebay seller (like the people I encountered Sunday). We wouldn’t want to reinforce their bad behavior… ;D


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