Links a la Mode: The IFB Weekly Roundup

It’s always a thrill being selected for IFB’s Links à la Mode! Each week, Independent Fashion Bloggers compiles 20 blog posts from members of its site surrounding a particular theme. It seems that plenty of other bloggers are, too, faced with September transitions, which I recently addressed on the blog.

This week’s roundup is packed with transitional tips (day to night, summer to fall, 19th to 20th century). I particularly loved See Lark!‘s DIY splatter/graffiti dress tutorial and Fleur d’Elise‘s 6 Un-Boring Coats forFall! Check out the full roundup below and let me know which post is your favorite!lalam0912


September is always weird. The leaves start changing colors, the sweaters and coats are in the stores, we’re back to school, summer’s over… but it’s still stupidly hot! I’ve always been so excited about fall, I’d be sweating in my boots, and wearing sweaters anyway. What a girl does for fashion, right? Well, this week, we have all kinds of transitional posts. Transitioning from teenager to adult, summer to fall, day to night, and the call for fashion week to transition to the next level. We also have a hilarious post about 20th century fashion as predicted in the 19th century, it’s so spot on–not. Either way, pull up a tall iced-tea (remember, it’s hot out!) and take a look through these links.

Links à la Mode: September 12th

  1. Attire Club: Discussions On India’s Obsession With Fair Skin

  2. Beauty & Sass: take your summer dresses into fall with these essentials

  3. Chicisms: How to Dress Business Casual & Go from Work to a Night Out

  4. Corals and Cognacs: A Love Letter to New York City (in the wake of 9/11)

  5. Fashion Moriarty: Recurring Images: Combat

  6. Fleur d’Elise: 6 Un-Boring Coats forFall

  7. Foxie Oxie Supernova: Paris Photo Diary: An Open Letter to My 18-Year-Old Self

  8. Girl in Betsey: Diane Von Furstenburg NYFW Review

  9. Happy Pretty Sweet: A Brief History of the Dirndl

  10. Lara Lizard: 1893 and predictions of 20th century fashion

  11. Runway to Style Freaks: The Top Men’s Fall 2013 Must Have Trends

  12. See Lark!: Easy DIY: Graffiti Dress

  13. Skye Charlie Show: Consignment Vs. Thrift Store

  14. Stilettos and Tequila: Behind The Scene: How To Be A Better Writer And More

  15. Style Bizarre: Say no to Style Labels

  16. The Girl With The Bun: 3 ways to dress for fall (when it still feels like summer)

  17. Tickle Me Chic: Does Fashion Week Need To Be Revamped?

  18. Undercover Dress-Up Lover: How to wear high-waisted shorts

  19. We Are Ready Made: A Pair of Shoes Everybody Should Own

  20. Wild Beauty: Beauty Archetypes: Whores

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