2013 / Tutorials

Cuff, tuck and roll


Bedhead, barely there makeup and worn-in jeans all help contribute to that perfectly imperfect, artfully disheveled look–a particular favorite of mine. While my wardrobe may be overflowing with boyfriend jeans–and my medicine cabinet with surf spray–not everyone is as eager or prepared to flaunt the deliberately undone look. Without having to buy a slew pre-torn jeans and pre-wrinkled tees, you can relax any ensemble by employing the cuff, tuck and roll technique. Like stop, drop and roll, without the smoke hazard.


Cuff your jeans–cleanly or haphazardly. Revealing the seams and inside wash of the denim relaxes an outfit and gives the illusion that you effortlessly threw together the look ‘off the cuff.’ Pun most definitely intended.


Full shirt-tucking is expected. Try half tucking in to jeans, or a pencil skirt, for an intriguing nonchalant vibe. The asymmetrical tuck lets your baggiest tops still flatter your figure, letting your waist peek out.


Casually roll up your sleeves (whether you’re rocking a chic sweatshirt, short sleeve tee or flannel button down). Even your most structured shirt can moonlight as a casual one when you give the sleeves a new function.


Incorporate any, or all three, of these techniques in to your next outfit and you’ll be well on your way to owning the messy-chic look!

What I wore: ASOS tee (similar here), H&M jeans (similar here), Payless heels (similar here), thrifted green bracelet (similar here), H&M peach bracelet (similar here)


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