2013 / As told by Instagram

8 inspiring Instagram accounts

Instagram has slowly become my favorite social media outlet. Light on the text and heavy on the visuals, it’s a wellspring of inspiration. While I follow hundreds of accounts, there’s a special place in my heart for my Instagram “elite eight.” If your feed could use some new material, I suggest you follow my eight favorite Instagrammers. Now!

Arm parties and drool-worthy Valentino snaps from the blogger behind Atlantic – Pacific:blaireadiebee

Bejewel your Instagram feed with snapshots from the sisters and founders of DANNIJO:dannijo

Bright, quirky travel & design snaps from the bubbly blogger behind D E S I G N L O V E F E S T:designlovefest

Donald’s always making ordinary things more beautiful — paper bags, currency or duct tape:donalddrawbertson

Beautiful cooking, crafting and styling shots from the ever-popular blog: Cupcakes and Cashmere:emilyschuman

The Glitter Guide‘s feed is jam packed with feminine, sparkly photos for the girly-girl in all of us:glitterguide

Score “Lucky-break” discounts and behind-the-scenes peeks at Lucky Mag staff:luckymagazine

Expect colorful, artsy shots from the blogger, businesswoman & artist behind MegBiram.com:megbiram

Which Instagram users inspire you the most? You can follow my photo adventures via @kaleykomanski and #TGWTB (I’ll be sure to follow back ;D)


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