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6 trend takeaways from J. Crew’s November Style Guide

I eagerly wait each month for the J. Crew Style Guide to find its way to my mailbox. The beautifully photographed, effortlessly styled pages fill my head with plenty of inspiration for the month ahead — ideas for DIY projects, inventive ways to wear pieces I already own or suggestions as to which staples I should invest in each season. Here are six spectacular takeaways from November’s issue:


1. Hide half of a statement necklace underneath a collared shirt, adding excitement to an otherwise expected combo.photo copy 2

2. I see a DIY project in my future! Embellish a pair of simple heels with dainty tasseled rope.photo copy 4

3. Transform the tone of any outfit with classic, athletic footwear. Sneakers aren’t just for the gym anymore!photo copy 5

4. Experiment with haphazardly tucked shirts, leaving a few buttons undone for an adorable messy-cute vibe.photo copy 6

5. I’m adding a jewel-tone tartan button-down to my shopping list. Elevate this basic staple with above-the-elbow cuffs and a patterned scarf.photo copy

6. I’m definitely adding a glam sweatshirt to my shopping list, too. Layer a denim button-down underneath silk, cashmere or any other luxe material for an intriguing contrast!photo

Which trend are you most excited to try? I personally can’t wait to give all six a whirl this fall!


One thought on “6 trend takeaways from J. Crew’s November Style Guide

  1. I also drool over the J. Crew style guide…it’s so inspiring. When I broke my foot this past summer, J. Crew showed me how to style a sneaker…and oh, I have them to thank for rocking the haphazard half-tuck!

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