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How to style a chambray shirt: Part 3

I’m happy to report that my love for my chambray shirt hasn’t faded. If possible, my adoration is increasing as the temperatures plummet in Buffalo. I’ve always thought of chambray as summer-y and breezy, but I’m discovering how crucial such a thin fabric can be to a layered winter wardrobe.

In Orlando, layering simply means throwing on a cardigan, but up north you need two layers, minimum, before the winter coat even comes in to play! All that fabric can really add up, making it difficult to move (or even bend) your arms. Soft, breathable chambray acts as a thin base layer, helping you avoid looking like Randy from A Christmas Story. (Not to mention it looks fabulous peeking through the holes of a loose-knit sweater!)_MG_4889When most of your outfit is covered up by a coat, you’ve got to get creative in order to show off your other layers. I cuffed my sweater and denim shirt over the sleeves of my coat and popped my collar — very Judd Nelson a la The Breakfast Club, no?_MG_4923_MG_4828-2_MG_4833_MG_4979_MG_4934_MG_4867 (1)_MG_5004And now for my travel update: We spent our second day in Buffalo exploring downtown and the surrounding areas. I love this city’s urban feel — the industrial buildings and warehouses, the welcoming brew pubs, the bridges and grain mills, the waterfront, the metro rail, the baseball and hockey stadiums. It has all the trimmings of a bustling big city, yet retains the friendly small town feel that I fondly remember from my childhood.

Photograph locations: 1 & 2) The grain mills/General Mills. The nearby mills fill the air with the smell of Lucky Charms! 3) just outside Delaware Park, 4) The Albright-Knox Art Gallery, 5 & 8) A field along the waterfront, 6 & 7) An old mill along the waterfront.

What I wore: H&M Chambray shirt (seen here & here), H&M sweater, pom-pom scarf (similar here), Joe Fresh trousers, Christian Siriano heels (sold out, similar here), thrifted coat (similar here, here & here), thrifted sunglasses (similar here), thrifted brooch (similar here & here), Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet lipstick


8 thoughts on “How to style a chambray shirt: Part 3

  1. You’re outfit is amazing. All of it. Also, I enjoyed looking through this but kept thinking… this looks familiar. Buffalo! My hometown. So lovely to see it in blog life, especially now that I’m living in the UK. Hope you have a great time. And pick up some Tim Hortons coffee! X

  2. What a great outfit, I totally agree with the layers bit. I am actually from Texas and so a major crybaby about cold weather :-p The pants are great, at first I thought they were the BR pair that I have been eyeing but it’s great to see there is an alternative! xo

    • I absolutely loved this outfit too! It was so comfy and warm for a day of outdoor sightseeing. And these trousers have been in my closet for months now, I love the affordable Joe Fresh selection at JCP! Thanks lady! ;D

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