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Travel tips: my perfect carry-on

Well, as I was about to click “publish” on this post last week I received word that my man-friend was headed to the ER. While I’m not at liberty to discuss much about the incident, I can assure you he is okay! So, needless to say, this past week I’ve been a little preoccupied… I’ve also been busy moving in to our new house! Unpacking and organizing are much more tolerable with Christmas music and pine scented candles. And since holiday jet-set season will be here before we know it, I’m excited to share the next installment of my travel series: my perfect carry-on!

New Rings

Though it’s tempting to stuff your carry-on last-minute, a little planning relieves plenty of travel stress. My carry-on begins with a structured bag with enough pockets and organization to ensure quick access to the important stuff. This is no time for a slouchy boho bag.

I always pack essentials before entertainment (to ensure nothing important gets left out). Tylenol and Advil are a must — in case of close proximity to a crying baby. I also arm myself with water and lip balm to keep hydrated in the dry plane air.

My favorite thing about flying is having a few hours to just be — I use this time to get lost in music and magazines. Inspiration often strikes at 30,000 feet, so I always bring a journal! I also pack bold lipstick and TSA-friendly roll-on perfume to freshen up after long flights.


And there you have it — my perfect carry-on! With all the stress that holiday travel induces, I prefer to ditch the clutter and consolidate. (Plus, it’s much easier to sprint across the airport to catch your connecting flight with just the essentials in your purse!)

New Rings-3(I almost had enough room to bring Jonsi along!)

1. Keel’s Simple Diary

2. Pilot Pen B2P pen (made from recycled water bottles)

3. Bath & Body Works PocketBac hand sanitizer

4. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Wine Not 010

5. Nivea Kiss of Mint & Minerals lip balm

6. Giovanna Battaglia iPhone 5 case

7. Dolce & Gabbana Pour Femme roller

8. Fortune cookie keepsake box

9. QuietComfort 15 Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones 


3 thoughts on “Travel tips: my perfect carry-on

    • Thanks, Kelly! I used to make the same mistake, it’s so tempting because they feel bottomless so I felt like I was beating the system carrying on so much stuff! But I always found myself digging around for my boarding pass, headphones, ID, you name it…

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