5 last-minute gift ideas (no shipping required)

My first Christmas after college has presented plenty of changes: moving in to a new home, creating new traditions and hosting my very first Christmas dinner. All of these changes have put me WAY behind on my Christmas shopping. It may be too late to shop online without facing crazy expedited shipping costs, but I’m not stressed! I’ve rounded up five last minute gift ideas for my fellow procrastinators, no shipping & handling required.


1. Pick up a unique coffee table book at Barnes & Noble — Holiday shopping can bring out the worst in people, but no one’s ever started a riot in the self-help section. Sneak away to a quiet bookstore to snatch a coffee table book for someone on your list. // 36 Hours, How to Read Fashion, Comic Genius

2. Score beauty baubles from the department store — Gift a little Dior, Chanel or Tom Ford in the form of nail polish or makeup brushes. You can give your fave fashionista a little taste of designer goods without the outrageous designer price tag. // Diorific Vernis nail lacquer, Chanel blending brushTom Ford Bruised Plum lip color

3. Spread Christmas “spirits” at your local liquor store — Check people off your list at Total Wine or ABC. Gifting booze is only tacky if the booze itself is tacky. Spring for a cool label, a big bottle or anything your secret santa wouldn’t normally splurge on! // Espolon silver tequila, Sofia Blanc de Blancs, Kraken rum

4. Grab the latest issue of his or her fave magazine in the grocery aisle (and let em know the whole year’s taken care of) — My mother subscribes me to all my fashion magazines every year, it’s the sweetest gesture! Magazines are often an impulse buy reserved for airplane trips, so give someone the gift of glossy covers all year long!

5. Gather culinary indulgences at World Market — I love to cook, but I don’t always love splurging for special ingredients that really cool recipes call for. Find the foodie on your list some unique ingredients at your local ethnic food market! // Rainbow pastaSir Kensington’s Gourmet Ketchup, pink salt


2 thoughts on “5 last-minute gift ideas (no shipping required)

  1. What a great and thoughtful idea! It’s good to have some options for last minute gifts that doesn’t require shipping…I think magazine subscriptions are really great ideas. A little indulgence for someone you love 🙂

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