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Jewelry Giveaway // Petits Trésors [CLOSED]

I’m thrilled to be partnering with Parisian jewelry brand Petits Trésors, kicking off the new year and the new week with a GIVEAWAY! Specializing in personalized keepsakes, Petits Trésors offers dainty, versatile arm candy to add an individual touch to any look.


I’m drawn to simple, classic pieces lately, which is why I chose to incorporate this delicate gold bracelet in to my jewelry collection. It looks so refined paired with a few minimalist rings and makes a great foundation for an arm party!


Not being much of a monogram girl, I decided to engrave my keepsake with the phrase “begin anywhere” to remind myself to stick to my resolutions and goals for 2014. Being a perfectionist, I often wait until the timing is right, the conditions are perfect or the house is spotless to tackle intimidating workouts or recipes. That all ends in 2014!


This week you have the chance to win your own piece of Petits Trésors jewelry (valued at up to $80)! To enter the giveaway:

1. Head to Petits-Tresors.com and take a look around.

2. Let me know which item is your favorite (and why) by commenting on this post!

ONE winner will be chosen and notified via email January 17. TGWTB readers can also take advantage of an exclusive 30% discount site-wide with promo code GIRLWITHBUN — valid now through January 31. Happy New Year and happy shopping!

CONGRATS to #22, Rachel S.! Enjoy your new arm candy!

Screen Shot 2014-01-17 at 11.23.35 AM

What I wore: Petits Tresors gold poem bracelet (c/o), Forever 21 rings (last seen here), Prabal Gurung for Target sheer panel tee (similar here & here), Kirna Zabete for Target party skirt (similar here), Capezio black tights, OPI Samoan Sand nail lacquer


39 thoughts on “Jewelry Giveaway // Petits Trésors [CLOSED]

  1. I LOVE the Amazon Clover bracelet. The band is leather, which I love, because leather is a little rustic and a little edgy. Plus, the leather band is wrapped a few times so it gives the illusion of an arm party without the actual arm party; perfect for minimalist accesorizers like myself. (Yes I just made that word up).

  2. My favorite is definitely the gold plated Poem bracelet because it is simple enough to wear with a watch or to stack with other bracelets!

  3. The Amazon bracelets are my fave – tres BOHO-chic! Would love the Silver Family or Silver medal……or both….since I really like the look of the
    multiple-strands-of-multiple-strands, as pictured. 😉

  4. After looking through all the different styles, I’m finding that the gold-plated poem bracelet also suits my taste! I love the simplicity of it, and it would go extremely well with any of the jewelry pieces I already own!

    I would choose to have the word ‘Always.’ engraved on it, from my favorite book series, Harry Potter (cheesy, I know, but there it is). Throughout my life, that series has served as a consistent reminder that anything is possible if I maintain a positive attitude about my abilities, and I could definitely use a constant reminder of that for 2014! 🙂
    #GradDenial #AlmostThere

  5. I love the Princess Pendant necklace. It’s simple and beautiful. I would pick love it with a black cord. It would go with everything!

  6. What a fun giveaway! At first I thought it was your midi rings, which I think are totally rockin’ 🙂 The bracelets are cute and dainty, I love the one you chose, the gold makes it very sophisticated and timeless. xo

  7. Awesome idea!! Love lots of the jewelry but the Silver Butterfly bracelet really caught my eye because it would remind me of my Nina & how much she loved watching her butterflies! 🙂 Good luck in your new business adventure!

  8. My absolute favorite is the bahia gold bracelets. Its so dainty and pretty.It will look good on its own or with more bracelets, but I am loving it on its own !

  9. I’d have to say the Gold Poem Bracelet (like you have) is my favorite! Any sort of shape tied into jewelry is my thing so I love the use of the circle. I suppose if I had one I’d want it to say “create” because, well, that’s what I do everyday 🙂

  10. The Buddha Bracelet Gold plate with a Mocha Kiss band color with an engraving of This To Shall Pass would be my favorite of them all. Buddha represents peace and patience and the phrase would allow me to remember that life goes on and that the hard times wont last forever. It would be a piece of encouragement and whenever you look down at it, it would bring hope and enlightenment.

  11. I love the Bahia Pendant White. It states to Be The Change and that is a philosophy I try to live my life by! If we want the world to be a better place we each have to work to make that happen! This necklace wold always remind me of that and to alwyas be positive!

  12. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Midnight in Paris medal amazon bracelet. I rarely think much about accessories but deep down I long to be stylish 😉 The leather wrap is adventurous without being too crazy, and well, I am in love with all things Paris.

  13. This was a really tough choice and I had to look through the site a few times to decide!

    My favorite is the Petite Cherie Bracelet because I hate bracelets that you have to fasten– I can never do it myself! I would get “Carpe Diem” engraved on the bracelet because I have a tendency of putting off life experiences until later. Hopefully seeing it everyday will encourage me to travel to an exotic place, make a life-changing decision and get myself out of my comfort zone! Who knows, it may be a package deal 🙂

  14. I definitely love the Poem Bracelet… It’s just so simplistic that there doesn’t need to be anything else. The biggest beauty is the ones that don’t try hard to be flashy, and this bracelet definitely isn’t flashy, it’s subtle, but has it’s own genuine beauty to it that it doesn’t need to prove to anyone else because it is so magnificent. Simplistic-ness is key.

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