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The party (skirt) is just getting started

Out of sentiment, and frugality, I’m not ready to retire my winter-y clothing to storage just yet. Unlike Christmas lights, which are frowned upon in February, our holiday apparel has a much longer shelf life! Many of spring’s biggest trends incorporate pieces we stockpiled this winter — iridescent fabrics, full skirts, chic sweatshirts and crisp white blouses. Instead of overhauling my closet I’m easing into the new season armed with my favorite holiday garb. Here’s how I’m styling a Christmas-y party skirt for spring:

Style a winter party skirt for spring (via The Girl with the Bun)

A romantic, jewel toned party skirt feels right at home in February — the month of roses and Valentines. But be sure to update the piece for spring, with a kitschy men’s shirt for instance, for a look that feels retro-whimsical rather than holiday-formal.

Update a winter party skirt for spring (via The Girl with the Bun)Style a winter party skirt for spring with a mixed-metal arm party (via The Girl with the Bun)Put your winter party skirt to work this spring (via The Girl with the Bun)

When repurposing your holiday party garb avoid overindulgently sparkly accessories, which scream New Year’s Eve. Instead, opt for a thoughtfully assembled arm party, layering mixed metals and a string of pearls on one wrist. Top everything off with some Audrey-inspired specs for a glamorous mid-century look!

Style a winter party skirt for spring with a playful print and Audrey-inspired sunnies (via The Girl with the Bun)

With just a few seasonal updates our beloved holiday purchases become spring staples! What winter pieces are you dying to repurpose this season?

What I woreChicwish midi skirt, Old Navy men’s lobster button-up (similar here), Zara heels (similar herehere & here), H&M and Forever 21 bracelets (similar here & here), vintage pearl necklace worn as bracelet (similar here)


4 thoughts on “The party (skirt) is just getting started

  1. What a great idea of re-purposing holiday wear. You look very Audrey-esque 🙂 I wanted to get that Lobster shirt for my husband but now you have shown me I should have bought it for myself! Great look overall and as always thanks for the great styling tips!

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