About The Girl with the Bun

My name is Kaley Komanski, but some may know me as the girl with the bun.  It’s been my signature hairstyle for a while now, and it even inspired this blog:

About two years ago the sock bun was on the rise, taking Pinterest by storm.  In the midst of a hair rut, I pounced on the trend.  In true dress up form I cranked the 80’s tunes, threw on a dress and gave the bun a whirl in the privacy of my bedroom.  A few attempts later and I had it, and I’d never felt so fabulous with something so gigantic on my head.

My big ole bun’s public debut was not welcomed quite so warmly.  There were plenty of stares and confused looks.  I was tempted to run to the nearest bathroom and take it out.

I decided to trudge onward.  I loved the way I looked, after all.  I wore that bun like it was my job. Everywhere. Every occasion.  And before I knew it, the bun was MY thing.  I didn’t even notice it had happened, but my bun had become my signature hairstyle.

“Oh my gosh, how do you do that?”  ”I LOVE the sock bun, but I’m not sure I could pull it off.” “I’ve been wanting to try that so bad, but I worry I’ll look ridiculous.”

It’s nuts to think that I came so close to forsaking my bun out of similar fears.  It got me thinking, what other things are we all hesitating to try out of fear?

I’m not here to say that I don’t care what anyone thinks of me or how I dress, because that would be a complete lie.  Of course we all ultimately care what people think, it is human nature.  I’m here to encourage you to take style risks and dress outside-the-lines. Try to tune out others’ opinions and hone in on what inspires you.  Distance yourself from the “I can’t” mentality, because I’ve learned that confidence is basically 80% of “pulling it off.”

I believe in wearing what inspires you and dressing for yourself, not to please anyone else.  So join me, won’t you?


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